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The Week Isn't Over Yet!

I should say I did try to post this yesterday but the website editor wasn't working.

In any case, I know I said I'd have my ComicCon costume done sometime this week. And I will! I have until tomorrow! It is...mostly done. Although I learned the very valuable lesson that a pattern I used four years ago will not fit me now. I really should've remeasured. But I didn't. And now I have massive alterations to do.

So alterations, sleeves, and the lacing up the back, and then I'm good to go! In the meantime, have a teaser picture of The Process:

It was just too easy to get distracted this week. It's been gorgeous and sunny and a new cousin was born yesterday which sent me on a roll of gift making for friends and family. So while I haven't finished this dress, I accomplished a lot of other things which I feel good about.

Tomorrow though. It WILL be done tomorrow.

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