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C.O.N. and Shoes and Madness

My lovely friend Jen of JenEric Designs got in touch with me a little bit ago asking if I would be interested in selling some things at a new craft fair she's organizing. I of course said yes without any real idea of what I was going to sell. Always a dilemma....

But after a few hours looking for inspiration on Pinterest and letting my imagination do its thing, I realized I could paint geeky designs on shoes! I came up with six designs yesterday and posted a photo on Facebook to see what people thought. The reaction was so wildly positive it was amazing! And then my brain really started going. The designs would translate well onto all kinds of things - hats, skirts, scarves, aprons, dish towels....

Then I thought: I need more supplies! More fabric, more paint, more stock! And I'll have some fancy costumes to sell! And my portfolio on hand so people can see what I can do and commission costumes!

Then I thought: I have no TIME. I'm starting work on a new show in the next couple of weeks. I REALLY need to get on this.

So I'm currently frozen on the couch trying to make a realistic plan. It may or may not come together. We shall see. There will be a report.

All that to say - come on out to C.O.N. - Creative Ottawa Nerds Craft Fair! March 21st at St. Richard's Church House in Nepean, ON. It'll be a great event with lots of brilliant people selling amazing work!

And then me, with whatever I end up creating in time.

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